Frequently Asked Questions

We have heard thousands of questions, and chosen to provide you with the answers to some of the more common questions relating to a funeral, a funeral service and funeral homes.

Common Questions

The answers below are here because these are the most commonly-asked questions. If yours isn't listed, we invite you to call us. We're here to provide the information you need, when you need it.

- Are cemeteries running out of space? Just like other open spaces, cemeteries are impacted by increased population density in both urban and rural areas. Cemetery spaces are a finite resource, and as such, are at a premium in some regions.

- Why are there no prices shown? We make our memorials and headstones one at a time so we can create any design in different sizes, colors and with any changes you would like. Design decisions affect price so it is difficult to list them online. Please email or call us and we would be happy to provide estimates to point you in the right direction and to fit your needs.

- Can the vault be personalized? Yes, we can show you the wide range of personalization choices, including customized nameplates and military insignias.

- How long does it take for the memorial to arrive? Traditional shape monuments ship in 6-8 weeks. Unique, hand carved, custom memorials can take 4-6 months. We are constantly striving for the shortest time possible.

- Who will install the memorial? We take care of everything and our staff installs them ourselves. We will make sure this is a smooth process for everyone involved and do this at no charge. This is a courtesy to our clients.

- I still don't see the monument I envision, what do I do?

This is great news! The designs you are seeing are what other people wanted and not necessarily what you want. Everyone deserves something unique to them. We encourage ideas, questions and even photos of different ideas that you exactly want. This is an important decision and we are the people that can help you the best.